DVD Joiner for Mac, VOB Joiner for Mac, Join/Merge DVD for Mac OS X

When you open DVD in computer, there are many titles and chapters of DVD video(VOB files). If you want to join two or more titles or chapters together, you need a DVD Joiner for Mac.

Mac DVD Joiner is a perfect and easy-to-use Mac DVD Joiner to help you to merge DVD for Mac. It can join two or more small titles and chapters of DVD videos(VOB files) together to get a whole video. So you can keep the coherence of watching DVD on Mac. You also can set up parameters for audio and video with the program.


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You will be taught how to join DVD for Mac at the following sections.
Step One: Add DVD to DVD Joiner Mac

After down load and install Mac DVD Joiner. Click the button “Add File”, you can choose the DVD files which you want to join for Mac.




Step Two: Set output destination

At the bottom of the main interface, you can select the output destination for output files.


output destination


Step Three: Merge DVD Mac

Choose the small titles and chapters of VOB files which you want to join, then check “merge into one file” at the main interface. These small files in DVD will be joined together as a whole one for Mac.


merge dvd


Step Four: Join DVD for Mac

Only need to click the “Convert” button, you can get an integrated video easily.


join dvd for mac




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